Bernie: Movie Review – So killing is OK as long as other people prosper?

Bernie is a true story about a mortician who just can’t do enough for his local community weather their alive or dead.Bernie generosity gets the best of him when he get involved with a wealthy widow, what start as a helping hand soon becomes and comfortable life style for Bernie. It’s not too long before Marjorie’s well known nasty qualities turn on Bernie, the only question for Bernie is how long can he hold out. He knows if he just leaves the money he has used to help his friends and family will dry up. So when one more nasty comment pushes him too far, there is only one question left? How long can he get away with pretending she is still alive?

Good or bad Jack Black is always entertaining; he is a man of many faces and always puts his heart and soul into a role. Maybe the original Bernie was this type of character, but is it OK to glamorize killing someone. He doesn’t go around bragging about it, what I mean is the person you end getting attached to is the killer. I guess the message was its ok to kill someone if you’re helping others along the way.

Matthew MaConaughey appears as the sheriff, showing that over the last year he really has decided to start being serious about his career, he’s quite funny, but is he meant to be?

I still enjoyed the movie, I just don’t agree with praising a killer unless it’s a made up character.



5 thoughts on “Bernie: Movie Review – So killing is OK as long as other people prosper?”

  1. I’ll have to watch this one. Does it condone killing or just state the facts? I have been watching The Borgias and The Tudors. It seems that killing for personal advantage is, for many, human nature.

  2. Like I said, they dont brag about it, but they don’t really condone it either. There is a happy go feel factor about the movie, which as a watcher is fine, but subconsciously it’s wrong. If you understand where I’m coming from.

  3. You bring up an interesting point about whether or not movies should glorify real events that could be seen as immoral or even illegal. It is obvious that Hollywood does not have any qualms with doing this as movies like American Gangster and Blow show. Is it right is another question though, a personal one specific to the movie you are talking about. I rented this movie through my Blockbuster @Home account to see how it went about telling this story, and I didn’t feel that it glorified a stone cold killer. It felt more like a story about a quirky guy who happened to kill someone. I was talking to a coworker at Dish about the movie and they basically felt the same way, so I don’t think it read as “killing is good” (while the other movies I mentioned did glorify dealing drugs). All in all I would say that I enjoyed the movie. I love finding little known movies like this to rent and impress my friends with.

  4. I agree with you,I did not have problem with the moral side of the movie,I just did’nt like the cuts away to the real life town people,I thought this ruined the flow and movie,my co blogger Yappy is the one who thinks this movie fell down on moral grounds,thanks for your comments,KO

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