I just tried Corn flakes with Fresh Orange juice !!!!!

Having read a few diet books lately, I noted quite a few people who recommended swapping milk for fresh orange juice .

My first few bites were not so bad, but as the flavour of my soggy soaked juice flakes hit the back of my throat I had an overwhelming feeling to put the dish in the bin followed by this horrible idea for a breakfast.

Has anyone else tried this?, Anyone like it ?


Disgusting rating 8/10

2 thoughts on “I just tried Corn flakes with Fresh Orange juice !!!!!”

  1. Far too many carbs. This combo will shock your body with a surge of insulin. Better off with full-fat milk…if you can find it. Lo carb, high fat (not trans fats) works very well for weight loss.

  2. I agree, low carbs does help a lot but I can never stick to it, I read Allan Carrs book, he got me to quit the smokes after 15 years and his idea with the weight loss is to completely live off what is natural for our bodies digestive system… Fruits, veg but no cows milk, no meats of any kind, he makes it sound ace on the basis that you will have a ton of natural energy and losing weight or keeping the weight off will be easy to keep up. I have started by only having fruit for breakfast, he claims you can eat a healthy dinner and then its your treat for the evening time, or you can just continue to stay healthy on each meal.

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