The World cup is about to begin, is there another event in the world that creates the same excitement ?

I cannot wait for the world cup to begin, at present we are all one day away from a future historic event.

As an England fan I have become obsessed with the national team, will they play with a youthful fresh team or stick to experienced failures from the past, well normally I would be ashamed to put an English flag on my car but that shame is lost in national pride, stupidity & excitement.

With all the buzz building if someone offered me an all expenses paid trip to Brazil I would have to refuse it, ”You mad bastard I hear you call me” I am not, and I will explain why, I have traveled a lot over the last five years, each time I meet a fellow traveler I discuss where he has come from or going to, each time I meet someone who has come from Brazil they always have a story about either being mugged or someone they were with being mugged, as someone who has lived through a violent mugging I cross and destination that is internationally famous for mugging and my inner voice says avoid, Tim Vickery, the BBC’s correspondent has recently informed their listeners about him recently being mugged, this being for the second time in ten years, at gun point, but as he stresses, he was stupid to walk down a quiet road without friends, if you are in a group I am sure the chances are very low, that said, I  will be happy to watch from my front room.

My heart tell’s me that England will be doing more than well to get to the last 8, with an influx of players such as Chamberlain, Barkley and Sterling I am excited about the unknown, I just hope the team don’t go hiding when the pressure kicks in.

Brazil are the hot favourites but I would not back them at the bookies, their team have great players but I am not so sure they are a great team, I see another semi final defeat for the host nation with the local pressure becoming too much for them.

Argentina have a strong advantage with the conditions but I am unconvinced by their team spirit and overall team play.

I fancy a shock with for one of the following, Germany, Spain or Chile, they will not be feeling the same pressure but they still contain some of the best players in the world.

Jennifer Lopez has withdrawn herself from the World cup opening ceremony, this mainly highlights her pretentious nature and terrible feedback her song with pitball has been getting, the world I am sure will get over you miming on the mic Jennifer!





4 thoughts on “The World cup is about to begin, is there another event in the world that creates the same excitement ?”

  1. Enjoy the World Cup! Football isn’t a popular sport here but I have found some people to watch the games with.

  2. As long as you have one or two people you will be OK, Van Persie has just scored the goal of round a few minutes ago, loving every minute so far. Main event with England starts tomorrow.

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