The Millionaire Tour(2012) Movie review – Fantastic story,OK lead

OK, so it starts with a guy who specialises in psychology being picked up by a taxi at an airport,before he know’s it he is joined by some extra passengers…

Dominic Monaghan who played Charlie from Lost,plays his role well,I predict he will be one of the half a dozen stars from the series to go and be known for other things in years to come.

The lead,(Jordan Belfi) I cannot be so kind about,he delivered his lines well but he is missing that likability / star quality,which is a shame because if I had felt more for him I might have cared more about where this movie was trying to take me…

A large chunk of this story is told on the move,there are a lot of twist’s and some good creative writing that keeps you guessing,that said the makers of this flick failed to cast a convincing lead, which in end left me sat on the edge of the pool of commitment unwilling to dive in.

6/10 – could have been an 8 with the right lead.



3 thoughts on “The Millionaire Tour(2012) Movie review – Fantastic story,OK lead”

  1. haha….. thanks for reading my blog.

    but even though they r not that high reputed actors, but they still managed to do a pretty good job, if not the best. but some better artist could make this movie really awsome.

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