About Mike from Breaking Bad – Actor Jonathan Banks

Mike is one of my favourite characters and actors from the series Breaking bad.

Having looked at his Bio I was surprised at some of the work he has done over his 65 years,everyone mainly recognises him as the bad guy in Beverly Hills cop –  1984

Zack –

One of the first films I remember seeing as a kid was was Nadia,my sister was crazy on this film which meant I was forced to watch and in the end turned into a fan of the film,this movie was made in the same year as Beverly Hill cop,he couldn’t have starred in a more different film.

Nadia – 1984

The Father –

He also stars in one of my favourite movies,and I wasn’t even aware of it…

Stir Crazy – 1980

Playing Jack Graham –

Aeroplane – 1980

– Playing Gunderson

Gremlins – 1984

Deputy Brent –

He seems to have spent the majority of his career working within TV,I think he is somewhat wasted in not having more feature films to his name,that said he has found a good home with Breaking bad.

More recent and old TV work –

ER,Dexter,Ringer,Two and half men,CSI Miami,Without a trace,Star Trek,Cagney and Lacey.




9 thoughts on “About Mike from Breaking Bad – Actor Jonathan Banks”

  1. You have got to watch Wiseguy. One of the best shows of all time. Frank McPike. One of the best characters of all time.

  2. He’s great when he’s on the Breaking Bad podcast too. I think Vince Gilligan is enough of a Jonathan Banks fan that he might make it to the end of the series.

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