Taken 2 (2012) Movie review – Neeson is the best cold caller in the world,let’s hope he never works in India or we could all be in trouble!

Everybody loved Taken 1,mainly because it was a great film but secondly there was a shock value of finding out Liam Neeson is one bad ass when he wants to be.

This movie was never gonna hit the heights of the first because of the earlier mention’s but I still enjoyed Liam’s performance and his tarmac voice,he seems at his best when talking on the phone for some reason,I have never watched anyone put so much emotion into a phone call!

The plot of this sequel was not bad,the bad guys want revenge so in turn decide to TAKE Liam and his whole family,the disappointing aspect was the lack of real fear,in the first movie I really felt that his daughter had been raped and turned into a prostitute,I felt sympathy for Liam and anger for the evil guys,in this version you have a few pissed off relatives who are lacking somewhat in the evil stakes,they just feel and act like domino’s waiting for Liam to turn up to knock them down.

Good popcorn movie at best.



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