Rust and bone (2012) Movie review – A beautiful, touching film – 9/10

When you consider all the unique stories that happen to people in real life it baffles me that Hollywood churn out the same shit year after year,Rust and Bone is a prime example of what happens when you take a risk and strive to break new ground,I lapped this film up like it was my first chocolate ice cream as a child, just like the first time the ice cream hit my taste buds I remember a segment in my brain sounding for joy,I felt the same when watching this movie,it just feels new and fresh and imitates life to an uncomfortable but beautiful truth.

The story starts out as a father and son journey but this is no means the basis for the film,it touches on aspects of life which would normally be featured with a message or moral,they don’t try to do that in this film as the situation is laid out for you,and in turn left up to you to work out how you feel or how you would react in the same situation,it’s an outstanding piece of cinema .



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