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Maze Runner: ‘The Scorch Trials’ How to ruin the legacy of the review 2015


The first film was a cracker, filled with suspense,mystery and excitement.

I was looking forward to more of the same in Maze Runner 2, how disappointed can one be in a film,well for me, very!

The film carriers on from the first,the escaped kids are being taken to a safe area,from there the film is filled with moments and scenes that go nowhere,zombie like characters in the style of the ‘walking dead’ weird monsters and a chase team.

The people responsible for this sequel need a smelly cold fish slapped against their face continuously until some brain function returns,Bloody dreadful film.



The Best offer (2013) Movie review; A beautiful story caught on film

I am amazed that Geoffrey Rush has not appeared in more blockbuster movies, the man has skills beyond his back catalogue, he picked up the accolades for the Kings speech but apart from that he was just a face that you knew, once again he produces a mesmerising show in ”Best offer”, he has a knack of letting you know that you are watching the real deal whenever he appears on-screen, I would love for the man to be teamed up with the likes of Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson or even Daniel Day-Lewis, the man is a monster of an actor,and I feel his true ability will tell when he gets his chance with the big boys.

With that being said the story and dialogue is simply beautiful, at times I watched in envy as each scene closed only to bettered by what was to come,the use of the English language was elegantly delivered without feeling like a period novel was being forced down your throat.

One of my films of the year!





Fast & Furious 6 (2013) Movie review; A generic action flick with good effects

I feel like I’m being stalked by Dwayne ”action” Johnson recently, with his appearanceĀ  in GI Joe,Pain & Gain and now Furious 6,the most annoying thing about his performance in these films is that his character is exactly the same, It feels like a factory process at its worst, were they keep Johnson in the studio and just change the background and the movie but he essentially stays the same, I hear you can now rent him for birthday parties.

This movie is OK, nice to see London as the backdrop, the plot is a bit lazy but then I don’t think the fans go to see this franchise for the story….

Furious 6 GI Joe

OK for an action popcorn fest!



Assault on Wall street (2013) Movie review; Too many things wrong with this film

This film … is kind of messed up, the idea and story line is great but it has too many things going wrong for it.

The majority of the film is a serious drama about a man who loses everything after the bankers create the crash, the name of movie makes it sound like the next Die hard movie, the makers made a HUGE mistake in naming the film ”Assault on Wall street”it doesn’t reflect the movie (apart from giving away the last ten minutes of the film).

Dominic Purcell is not convincing in my eyes, with his world crashing down all around him his facial expressions do not change from his moments of calm to his moments of madness, either way there was plenty of meat in the this movie but Dominic really fails to chew any of it.

This movie feels like it was made by someone who lost a lot of money via a broker and then turned this into his bitter wet dream.




Trance (2013) Movie review; From a trance into a coma

With Danny Boyle directing this film I had high hopes, after Slum dog millionaire & Trainspotting the world has waited in anticipation for his next big hit, well they will have to keep waiting as this movie is a borefest.

James McAvoy continues his bad streak after ”Welcome to the punch”,this film has elements of Boyle’s style but the story tries to be too smart for its own good, there are so many twists and turns that at the half way point I felt dizzy with boredom.

With all good thrillers you have to care about the characters and have an interest in the outcome of the story, Danny Boyle failed on both counts with this effort,I will delete this movie from my memory banks and look forward to Transpotting 2 ( Porno)



Evil dead (2013) Movie review; The horror genre has it’s mojo back!

I can’t lie, I loved this movie, I am not saying it’s a masterpiece or complete by that matter but there was enough in it to get me jumping, and being based on the original movies it felt like a trip back in time, It make you realise how the horror genre has lost its mojo in recent years and how films like this had one ambition in mind,” TO SCARE YOU ”.

The negatives –

The cast are not that lovable, there is no star quality in any of them apart from the leading lady, this in my opinion was just a bad casting call,the film itself was solid (for a horror)

The positives –

The use of a chainsaw, machete’s and the over the top blood effects and camera work to make you jump out of your seat.



The Words (2012) Movie review – Bradley is solid but Jeremy Irons steals the show!

Bradley Cooper hits another one out of the park, he has gone from being a pretty face to a serious actor…

The Words is an entertaining piece that tells the tale about a struggling writer who comes across an unpublished novel and decides to attach his name to it and ride the success of his ill-gotten gains.

The movie takes the angle of the author telling the story to the viewer which brings an extra dimension to the film,the supporting cast are all solid and a special mention
must go to Jeremy Irons,he brings the real meat to the story and makes his character seem somewhat magical.