The Last stand (2013) Movie review:Much better than I was expecting!

Well when you look at Arnie’s classic action films there is one theme running throughout,a muscular guy who looks like he could dropkick a building while munching on a cigar,when I heard Arnie was dusting off his leather jacket I thought it could be very embarrassing for him,this thought was only enhanced when I saw the trailer of him being quoted as saying he felt old!

Well I guess this film is proof that at 65 he still has what it takes to deliver in the action genre,some of his one liners from the past came off as cheesy rather than witty,nothing has changed in that respect but rather than feel embarrassed for the former Mr Olympia I found myself smiling as I would if my granddad tried to portray an image we both know he is passed,the difference now ?… there is a look of wisdom in Arnold’s eyes,he knows exactly what is left in the tank and he also knows it blows other action stars,(new and old) out of the water and into reality TV.

While that sparkle is still there,I am happy to keep watching.



5 thoughts on “The Last stand (2013) Movie review:Much better than I was expecting!”

  1. Yes well the reason I was in no rush was due to my expectations,I think you will be surprised,the style of the movie feels fresh and the director/writer does well not to stick to the cliche characters in action films

  2. Great review, as always! I had no idea he was in a new movie. I may check it out.

  3. Such a delightful movie, as mentioned above, the director was what brought me in. Makes me wonder if he’s going to do any more American films.

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