We’re the Millers (2013) Movie review; Sticking a fork in your eye would be more enjoyable

The concept sounded good, a road trip built around a man forced to smuggle drugs across the border!

After days of mulling over his chances he decides he has a better chance of success if he recruits a family to join him on his trip across the border, this is where the fun should begin, I was expecting dark, witty and sick funny moments but what I got was a very safe packed lunch wrapped in a cheesy obvious comedy.

There where moments which made me smile but this movie is a big let down, the director decided against any flow in the film, there was at no stage any moments that created genuine excitement or danger,I think the comedy falls down because of this, you need a balance to any good comedy, a feel of reality… this film just endlessly plods on to a miserable conclusion.




6 thoughts on “We’re the Millers (2013) Movie review; Sticking a fork in your eye would be more enjoyable”

  1. Ouch! Harsh! Haha. I see where you’re coming from though–this definitely film could’ve been better. Should’ve been, really, given that it has some great comedic actors. Still, it sounds like I enjoyed it a little more than you did…

  2. I have seen this type movie done so much better in the past, I like the lead actor and from the adverts it looked great, but for me it never got going, it just feels safe and dare I say it boring, thanks for your comments all the same.

  3. It definitely started off terrible and as if it was going to try so damn hard to win laughs by being dirty and lowbrow, but it surprisingly won me over about mid-way through. Slowly but surely, it started to show some charm and made me laugh, while also get a feeling for these characters as well. Nice review.

  4. Its bad enough with the premise and made up family but the worst part of it was the other family added to it as well. SNL former cast members should be forbidden from doing comedy movies to prove they can act outside that box. Did everyone know the red haired teen is dating Teen Wolf’s Colton Haynes?, some gay scoop for you!

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