Teresa May and David Cameron prove the devil is in the detail

David Cameron and Teresa May have decided to break up British families for political credit.

Since July they have brought in a £18,600 sponsor threshold to a country still recovering from a recession,talk about kicking the poor when they are down,the people affected by this are asking for nothing more than to have the right to see and live with their child or wife.

*** Mr Cameron enjoys a nice walk with his family,his expenses paid life style means he has the right to family life ***

Instead Teresa May and the conservatives have decided that instead of thinking of the human rights of these families and the children who are now being forced to live without their mother or father can go to hell,most of the people affected were born in the UK,they may have met their partner while working abroad or when their partner visited our country as a student.

These victims are not after any benefits,they are only wanting to be together as a family,this should be a human right,political agenda should not take over from this right,but amazingly this seems to be the case,Teresa May is making Hitler look like a soft touch.

The bread-winner is based in the UK,so even if they are making less than the £18,600 required they are now paying two lots of rent,for their UK home and the one that their partners live in,how can the UK citizen go live abroad when they would not have the language skills or degree required to work.

If you lowered the £18,600 requirement and got everybody to sign away their rights to ”ANY” benefit you would surely solve the issue,the fake relationships would soon disappear from the visa que and the genuine applicants can have their family living together.

Added to this miserable situation,if you found a job paying over the threshold,you still cannot apply for a visa until you have been in this higher paying job for at least six months,so as a limited number of jobs are available due to the banks and the government playing blackjack with our economy you could spend years apart from your family based around these recent rules.

Teresa May

Please sign this petition if you are UK resident – http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/34835

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2 thoughts on “Teresa May and David Cameron prove the devil is in the detail”

  1. That’s always been the conservative way! Fuck the lower incomes, in their eyes they don’t contribute enough to matter. The frigging EU members can just show up though and claim whatever they like. I knew a couple who came over, no jobs, no money, straight on the benefits. They have a nice house and twice as much money then they had in Poland. Is it their fault? No! The fucking governments for letting it happen.

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