Scorned ( 2013) Movie review; Great idea, terrible execution!

I love the idea for this movie, a women scorned, I am surprised that the plot has not been done more often.

After finding out that her blobby version of Billy ( My god what has he done to his career) Zane,  she decided to seek revenge by torturing both cheaters, the acting is questionable from the off, but the idea seems fresh so I stayed plugged in, before long this great idea soon turns into a flat affair.

The trailer shows all the best bits from the movie, all these bits last around 60 seconds, you have then got the rest of the film to deal with, there is really lack of tension or tempo throughout, I think maybe a lack of budget may have been the reason some of the scenes should have shocked or scared but ended up doing nothing, pretty much like the entire film.

I do feel for Billy Zane, he has gone from the smash hit Titanic (1997) and the fabulous Dead Calm ( 1989) to now being the forgotten man of Hollywood.



One thought on “Scorned ( 2013) Movie review; Great idea, terrible execution!”

  1. Billy did himself in, the movie itself was lucky it got a release on DVD. No originality re-watch some classic movies that have same format. Anna no matter how hard she tires will never be a movie lead that is going to happen. There was a nasty blind item about her in HW I believe as to why she sitll gets roles.

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