Trying to find a time travel movie from the 80’s, can you help ????????????

Hi film fanatics,

I am trying to find a movie from the 80’s, I am not sure  if this movie would be good today or even bearable but I remember enjoying it as a kid.

The following clues –

Its was released in the 80’s

Involves three young teenagers –

They find or make a time machine that looks like a huge dish washer…

I am pretty sure that the film has the word THUNDER in the title or there is a character/machine called THUNDER.

I would be grateful if someone out there could help me with this one 🙂




10 thoughts on “Trying to find a time travel movie from the 80’s, can you help ????????????”

  1. I am pretty sure I have found it – It’s called the Explorers (1985) After reading IMDB it says a young River Pheonix and Ethan Hawke are the stars,it has been 20 years since I have seen it,thanks for your help guys

  2. though it is a good film there is no time traveling blud. they build a spacecraftand visit a green alien. no doubt its a wicked film tho

  3. Yes I realised the lack of time travel when watching it recently,I think I may have confused that part of the movie with flight of the navigator,thanks for your comments

  4. yes flight of the navigator is a good film, watch out for a young sarah jessica parker working in nasa

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