Sinister (2012) Movie review; A good horror with a Stephen King ending!

After my co blogger slated this film and my general dislike for horror movies I had low expectation’s for Ethan Hawke’s latest movie.

So sheepishly I have to admit that I enjoyed it,my normal moan about this genre is the lack of originality and inevitability that goes along with most horrors,I enjoy a who did it story matched with some gore if done well….

I do have to disagree with my co blogger about the talent that is Ethan Hawke,the following being a list of films which I have enjoyed over the years…

Sinister(2012) – Brooklyn’s finest (2009) –  Before the devil knows your dead (2007) – Training Day (2001) – Dead poets society (1989) – Explorers (1985)

Admittedly not every one of his films is a cracker but he does seem to produce quality every five to ten years based on his career to date.

I found the story captivating,a man who writes about real life horrors decides to move himself and his family into a house which witnessed a family being wiped out by an unknown killer years before,I found Ethan Hawke believable and likeable throughout, he did not play to the normal cliché element’s of over acting or show fake concern when facing his demon in the film.

The only downside for me was the ending,it was a great build up but the movie let itself down with its final few scenes,maybe they took advice from Stephen King on the ending,I am not sure but it ruins what could have been a classic horror film.



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